Laser Endoscopic Spine Surgery (LESS) California

Laser Endoscopic Spine Surgery (LESS) is a state-of-the-art minimally invasive procedure that effectively treats lumbar disc herniations, annular tears, radiculopathy and sciatica. The procedure utilizes an endoscope, an illuminated optic instrument, in addition to laser technology and micro-instrument techniques. The 1 cm incision is covered with a small bandaid and the recovery time is significantly shorter compared to standard open surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How the procedure is performed: Laser Endoscopic Spine Surgery California

1. Surgical Approach

  • Only a small incision, less than 1 cm, is needed.
  • Care is taken to protect the muscles, arteries and nerves surrounding the spine.
  • Dr. Kim starts from the side of the back and enters the spinal canal through a natural opening of the spine, called the neuroforamen. This technique avoids unnecessary injury to the multifidus muscle.

2. Removal Process

  • An x-ray is done to confirm that Dr. Kim is at the correct level of the spinal segment.
  • Using a high-resolution endoscope, Dr. Kim can view the spine on a monitor. Dr. Kim then directs a laser and a radio frequency probe through the endoscope to carefully vaporize disc fragments without affecting the supporting spinal structure.
  • The limited amount of muscle dissection and minimal bone removal during this surgery help minimize postoperative pain.

3. Final Steps

  • Upon completion of the surgery, the instruments and surgical tubes are slowly pulled away, allowing the muscles to move back into place.
  • Occasionally, a stitch or two is needed and then a small band-aid is applied over the tiny incision.

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